wp-config.php generator

A free tool by Javier Casares and WPdanger
Database name used by WordPress.
Username used to access database.
Password used by username to access database.
Host of your database server. A port number, Unix socket file path or pipe may be needed as well.
Database character set used by WordPress.
Database collation used by WordPress.
Prefix placed before WordPress tables.
Use a custom 'wp_user' table, without prefix.
Use a custom 'wp_usermeta' table, without prefix.
Improve information encryption stored at user's cookies. Also, use WordPress API 'salt' generator.
Force HTTPS on login page (/wp-login.php).
Force HTTPS on admin pages (/wp-admin/).
Allows control over fatal errors.
URL with information about PHP updates/upgrades.
Your Wordpress site URL. Like https://www.example.com/blog. Without trailing slash.
Your WordPress core files URL. Like https://www.example.com/wordpress. Without trailing slash.
Custom 'wp-content' absolute path. Like /home/example.com/public_html/wp-content. Without trailing slash.
Custom 'wp-content' URL. Like https://www.example.com/wp-content. Without trailing slash.
Custom 'plugins' absolute path. Like /home/example.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins. Without trailing slash.
Custom 'plugins' URL. Like https://www.example.com/wp-content/plugins. Without trailing slash.
Custom 'uploads' relative path. Like wp-content/uploads. Without start or trailing slash.
Hostname to set up cookies. Like something.example.com.
Value to check if cookies are active. Like wordpress_test_cookie.
Cookie with logged in info. Like wordpress_logged_in_ + hash.
Cookie with secure auth info. Like wordpress_sec_ + hash.
Cookie with auth info. Like wordpress_ + hash.
Cookie with password info. Like wordpresspass_ + hash.
Cookie with user info. Like wordpressuser_ + hash.
Cookie with Recovery Mode info. Like wordpress_rec_ + hash.
Autosave seconds (in post / pages...). WordPress default: 60 seconds.
Content revisions. 0 for unlimited. WordPress default: unlimited.
Use trash for Media. WordPress default: disabled.
Days to empty trash content. WordPress default: 30 days.
Who posts by mail? WordPress default: 5 minutes.
Frontend memory limit. WordPress default: 40 MB.
Backend memory limit. WordPress default: 64 MB.
Allow WordPress automatic updating.
WordPress core automatic updating. Major versions (5.x); Minor versions (5.0.x).
Install new bundled plugins or themes on updates.
Upgrade automatically the database tables when needed.
Warning: Disabling this option could create problems if you do not know how to upgrade manually.
Enable or disable update and installation inside /wp-admin/.
Enable or disable the plugin/theme editor.
When you restore the original image, overwrites the set created.
Allows use of cache.
Cache unique identificator.
Compresses CSS.
Compresses scripts.
Concatenates scripts.
Forces GZIP compression for browsers.
Use the internal WP-Cron. Default: enabled.
If you have problems with the actual cron, try this. Default: disabled.
Cron timeout, in seconds. Default: 60 seconds.
Enables feed reader cache.
Absolute FTP path to WordPress core files.
Absolute FTP path to content files.
Absolute FTP path to plugin files.
Absolute FTP path to public key.
Absolute FTP path to private key.
FTP or SSH username.
FTP or SSH password.
FTP or SSH hostname.
Allows SFTP connection (not SSH FTP).
Full path, without trailing slash. Default: /wp-content/mu-plugins.
Full URL, without trailing slash. Like https://www.example.com/wp-content/mu-plugins.
Relative to ABSPATH, without trailing slash. Default: wp-content/mu-plugins.
Disables scripts and HTML tags. Default: enabled. Warning: Disabling this option could allow Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
Disables insecure files to be uploaded (like PHP files). Default: enabled. Warning: Disabling this option could allows big security risks.
Enables feed reader cache.
Feed reader cache directory. Relative path to /wp-content/. Like cache caching on /wp-content/cache.
How old the feed reader cache must be to invalidate?.
Enables feed reader debugger.
User-Agent to retrieve feeds.
Fetch timeout, in seconds. Default: 5 seconds.
Use GZIP on fetching feeds.
Enables WordPress MultiSite or Network or MultiNetwork.
Enabled means subdomains, disabled means folders.
Main URL if a sub-site does not exists. Like https://www.example.com/.
Default theme when a new site is created.
Blocks HTTP external URL requests.
List of hosts to which exceptionally you will have access.
This was developed in response to the problem of the core update function failing with hosts running under suexec(). If a host uses restrictive file permissions (e.g. 400) for all user files, and refuses to access files which have group or world permissions set, these definitions could solve the problem.
The proxy host or IP address.
The proxy port.
The proxy username (if protected).
The proxy password (if protected).
Hosts to bypass (if needed).
Debug mode for errors and warnings.
Display errors and warnings on screen.
Log code errors and warnings.
Changes default log file path with your path and file.
Log code errors and warnings.
Save SQL database queries.
Clean and restart


/* Database connection */
define'DB_NAME''your_own_database_name' );
define'DB_USER''your_own_database_user' );
define'DB_PASSWORD''your_own_database_password' );
define'DB_HOST''localhost' );
define'DB_CHARSET''utf8mb4' );
define'DB_COLLATE''utf8mb4_general_ci' );

/* Tables */
$table_prefix 'wpeql337_';

/* Security */
/* Security Keys */
define'AUTH_KEY''qY@RX#=g1>{48T*BJiJjcZxyRmzNC*y(&RsrxY<U$d3DcNvFM-mpbmVC)aG&hCFp' );
define'SECURE_AUTH_KEY''<Prm]QrTY8/UiK+7A5+irsHc8b&jU:mk7C[6;$IqE8n:Pt,%V?VXa.f!hgCuuGYz' );
define'LOGGED_IN_KEY''2]lO^P;W1&5.xLF6lmJA5_v{qd{$mqDH7gk00>z|.JX2,(AN(_x@/d*bSpJJV03W' );
define'NONCE_KEY''A?s=2/S^/Obk{y777Pbanri*Fgwhye8Hg4JVl6QTttvA]7d;4R-P16j{{B4YTx&b' );
define'AUTH_SALT''>xK.:B0Sf|>)}.{av?(pFk_9=Y2gqjp^53^RK+=A%RdhHQEp*.0XXpbiU*cSDlp#' );
define'SECURE_AUTH_SALT''MhwzyBGe8MXdi_Xetb83-a,X;0n}Ft*2{m4VkWd&O-M9ksSPZq7;hd^zyOEzK<lq' );
define'LOGGED_IN_SALT''aQWKlD>(i)lXtEKt[n=Kl>4i57f<5QiTd?HxKaIBRqy@#2gKh*t45bUs@MV#iSI)' );
define'NONCE_SALT''8[98m?)vK]h,La?CD-cq]D@ku4VVLU8Dt}Y>|)XiEW:/f[ss9<z,urfj68)pM]K(' );
/* HTTPS */

/* URL / Path */

/* Cookies */
define'TEST_COOKIE''wordpress_test_cookie' );
define'LOGGED_IN_COOKIE''wordpress_logged_in_zwFrwJOASyZQJxErJDIFIQ6J8NF9bV5LU14pGkpnL83tZWz4LrNA7unsBVYPbhZX' );
define'SECURE_AUTH_COOKIE''wordpress_logged_in_zwFrwJOASyZQJxErJDIFIQ6J8NF9bV5LU14pGkpnL83tZWz4LrNA7unsBVYPbhZX' );
define'AUTH_COOKIE''wordpress_zwFrwJOASyZQJxErJDIFIQ6J8NF9bV5LU14pGkpnL83tZWz4LrNA7unsBVYPbhZX' );
define'PASS_COOKIE''wordpresspass_zwFrwJOASyZQJxErJDIFIQ6J8NF9bV5LU14pGkpnL83tZWz4LrNA7unsBVYPbhZX' );
define'USER_COOKIE''wordpressuser_zwFrwJOASyZQJxErJDIFIQ6J8NF9bV5LU14pGkpnL83tZWz4LrNA7unsBVYPbhZX' );
define'RECOVERY_MODE_COOKIE''wordpress_rec_zwFrwJOASyZQJxErJDIFIQ6J8NF9bV5LU14pGkpnL83tZWz4LrNA7unsBVYPbhZX' );

/* Content */
define'MEDIA_TRASH'true );
define'WP_MAIL_INTERVAL'86400 );

/* Memory */
define'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT''128M' );
define'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT''256M' );

/* Updating */
define'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE''minor' );

/* File edition */
define'DISALLOW_FILE_MODS'false );
define'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT'true );

/* Performance */
define'WP_CACHE'true );
define'WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT''6ygnns4jquqdw6mnnv:' );
define'COMPRESS_CSS'true );
define'COMPRESS_SCRIPTS'true );
define'ENFORCE_GZIP'true );

/* Cron */
define'DISABLE_WP_CRON'false );
define'ALTERNATE_WP_CRON'false );

/* FTP Access */

/* Plugins Must-Use */

/* Filtering */

/* Feed reader */
define'MAGPIE_CACHE_ON'true );
define'MAGPIE_CACHE_DIR''cache' );
define'MAGPIE_CACHE_AGE'3600 );
define'MAGPIE_DEBUG'false );
define'MAGPIE_USER_AGENT''Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:64.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/64.0' );
define'MAGPIE_USE_GZIP'true );

/* MultiSite */
define'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE'false );
define'WP_DEFAULT_THEME''twentytwenty' );

/* External URL Requests */
define'WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL'false );
if ( 
define'WP_ACCESSIBLE_HOSTS''*.wordpress.org,*.github.com' );

/* File permissions */

/* Proxy */

/* Debug */
define'WP_DEBUG'false );
if ( 
define'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY'false );
define'WP_DEBUG_LOG'false );
define'SCRIPT_DEBUG'false );
define'SAVEQUERIES'false );

/* Do not change anything else after this line! Thank you! */

if ( ! defined'ABSPATH' ) )
define'ABSPATH'dirname__FILE__ ) . '/' );
ABSPATH 'wp-settings.php';